We perform in audit accordance with both local and international standards set out by those in the authorities, adapting to the Audit Methodology and Quality Assurance Policies that are in compliance with the International Auditing Standards. We adhere to the profession’s ethics and independence to provide reliable and objective services. To us, conducting audit is not only to comply with the requirement of authorities but also to form advices for our clients on how to operate their business profitability. Our proactive approaches in the audit and are carried out by our multidisciplinary professionals under the personal supervision of the firm’s partners.

Our Audit and Assurance Services include:

  • Financial Audit
  • Review
  • Due Diligence and Acquisition
  • Special Audit


We provide clear and practical advice to businesses in order for their vision to be reality. Our Firm performs internal audit and risk management functions by combining both the traditional and modernized approaches to ensure the right internal audit controls and processes are in place to keep each of our individual clients ahead of their competition.

We understand that the constant changes because of the many compliances and regulations which are brought upon by the shifting economic paradigm of today and risks to businesses. Our in-depth knowledge and experiences in dealing with these kinds of complexities, allows us to assist our clients in coming up with optimal solutions

Our Internal Audit and Risk Advisory Services include:

  • Internal Audit Advisory & Outsourcing
  • Risk Management Advisory
  • System & Procedures Development
  • Internal Control & Sabarnes-Oxley Advisory


Our corporate set-up and compliance services provide a full spectrum of assistance to both international and local clients who are interested in doing their business in the country. We provide analysis on their business structures – from business requirements to tax facet. We consider the laws and regulations in the Philippines when we render our services, by the execution of the business plan. As we also ensure that our services comply with corporate governance.

We recognize that behind every successful businesses are keen individuals and shareholders who have invested much time, energy and commitment in managing and operating their businesses profitability. We provide appropriate strategies to address their specific problems.


Business if global, tax is local. As business operates, its growth and expansion always come with statutory obligations, as these are volatile. Nevertheless, our experienced tax advisers aided by the latest tools design practical and commercially focused on tax blueprint and well-suited to our clients’ needs, at the same time, faithfully complying with the law. We advise our clients on their international or national or personal tax affairs. We keep them upgraded through our monthly Tax Digest.

Our suites of services include:

  • Tax Due Diligence & Tax Compliance Review
  • Tax Return Advisory & Filing
  • Tax Audit Advisory & Tax Assesment
  • Tax Opinions & Studies
  • Request for Tax Ruling
  • Tax Seminar & Training
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Representation
  • Transfer Pricing


As globalization revolutionizes the norm of business operations around the world, companies recognized the need and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing specific services. In our aim to provide proactive and value-added services to our clients, we made Accounting and Outsourcing services. It was designed to provide assistance in executing their interest seamlessly through outsourced accounting and administrative services. The crux is to mobilize the company’s needs exactly where and when it is needed. Outsourcing services allow companies to specialize and focus on their activities.

Our Accounting and Outsourcing Services include:

  • Fully Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Supervision of Finance & Accounting Department
  • Computerization of Accounting Records & Financial Reporting
  • Outsource bank Reconciliation, Update Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Inventories, etc.
  • Payroll Services.


In compliance with the latest BOA Resolution, our firm uses an accurate and careful approach in preparing our client’s financial statements. As we believe that these financial statements mirror the company, we make sure that it complies with all of the standards we consider.